Seven C’s Pirate Adventure

Seven C's Pirate Adventure

Sail the Seven C’s with Captain Robtherichnpoor as he learns what it means to be a good pirate! Argh!!

The Seven C’s

Committed: A Good Pirate Seeks God

Content: A Good Pirate Stores Heavenly Treasure

Capable: A Good Pirate is Prepared

Confident: A Good Pirate Stands Firm

Courageous: A Good is Ready to Defend

Christlike: A Good Pirate Acts Like Jesus

Celebrate: A Good Pirate Enjoys His Spoils

The lessons are designed so you can pick and choose which theme works best for your needs on any given day. You will find an overview of the entire curriculum, as well as, a daily breakdown to allow you to more intricately plan your event.

The resources section contains recommended forms to register families and recruit staff. You can customize and use the forms provided or use them as an example.

The Last section of this manual focuses on staff training. It is essential that each recruit is spiritually equipped to take part and fulfill their job assignment. I know from my own experience, that we often have to be grateful for every “warm body” that opts to help; however, there are certain key positions (like teachers and small group leaders) that need to be over and above on their credentials. This section will help you identify the best person for these positions and make sure they are equipped to share Jesus with the participants.

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We are starting out with a couple of our most popular VBS themes-The Seven C’s Pirate Adventure and The Greatest Show. Look for the following themes to be added soon:

Temptation Island

The AmazinGrace

Journey: Bigger Than A Trip~Beyond A Destination


Viva Las Vegas (Fall 2015)

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We will also be adding Teen Retreat themes, Parent and Leader Books and Training Resources for children, teens and family ministries.

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