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Seven C’s Pirate Adventure

Seven C's Pirate Adventure

Seven C's Pirate Adventure

Sail the Seven C’s with Captain Robtherichnpoor as he learns what it means to be a good pirate! Argh!!

The Seven C’s

Committed: A Good Pirate Seeks God

Content: A Good Pirate Stores Heavenly Treasure

Capable: A Good Pirate is Prepared

Confident: A Good Pirate Stands Firm

Courageous: A Good is Ready to Defend

Christlike: A Good Pirate Acts Like Jesus

Celebrate: A Good Pirate Enjoys His Spoils

7 weeks of godly pirate fun!!

 Available to purchase!!

Enjoy a Free Sample of a full day of Living Like a Good Pirate

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Welcome to Childlike-Faith

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my new curriculum e-store!

We are starting out with a couple of our most popular VBS themes-The Seven C’s Pirate Adventure and The Greatest Show. Look for the following themes to be added soon:

Temptation Island

The AmazinGrace

Journey: Bigger Than A Trip~Beyond A Destination


Viva Las Vegas (Fall 2016)

Coming Soon:

We will also be adding Teen Retreat themes, Parent and Leader Books and Training Resources for children, teens and family ministries.

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